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  1. Spring 2024 (Current)
  2. Past UDLS Lineups
    1. Fall 2023
    2. Spring 2023
    3. Fall 2022
    4. Fall 2018
    5. Spring 2018
    6. Fall 2017
    7. Spring 2017
    8. Fall 2016
    9. Spring 2016
    10. Fall 2015
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A bi-weekly graduate student-run event, Thursdays at 5pm in the LCR. Feel free to bring your own games or make some friends and have fun! Free pizza provided by the SoC.

The Undistinguished Lecture Series (UDLS) is a set of talks given by (typically) grad students in the School of Computing at the University of Utah. UDLS gives us a chance to learn about the incredibly vast interests of our fellow grad students, while also practicing our speaking skills. There is only one rule: you must present an original topic that does not pertain to your research.

Spring 2024 (Current)


Past UDLS Lineups

Fall 2023

2023-09-07KosumiNix magic: reproducible build and configuration
2023-09-21Jakob JohnsonKombucha
2023-10-05Benjamin MastripolitoEmergent, Evolving, and Self-Organizing Systems
2023-10-19Gaurav SharmaThe different mediums of Horror
2023-11-02Elie DiazBarbershop Quartetting: An Hour with Mischief Quartet
2023-11-16Ashton WiersdorfZen and the Art of Software Maintenance, or: Gumption, Tools, and Traps
2023-11-30Harvey DamHow to Play Concertos Alone

Spring 2023

2023-01-19Jakob JohnsonCoffee Brewing
2023-02-02Benjamin MastripolitoThe Hypnotic World of Esoteric Literature
2023-02-16Ashton WiersdorfDown the rabbit hole: mechanical keyboards
2023-03-02Brandt ReddInflated Consequences of Standardized Testing
2023-03-16Saurabh RajePulling a perfect shot: Espresso
2023-03-30Ananth KrishnaTBD
2023-04-13Kangchen Chen“Language and dialect, a discussion about the power of words”

Fall 2022

2022-09-22Anh TranLord of The Ring, a Lit Review (the fun one)
2022-10-06Benjamin MastripolitoHow to Make Sound With Your Eyes
2022-10-20Jakob JohnsonBike Racing
2022-11-03Alper SahistanHoward the Duck or “How to get your intellectual property back?”
2022-12-01Eisen MontalvoMissile Defender

Fall 2018

2018-11-09Ian MallettMental Math Tricks
2018-11-02(Movie Night)A Quiet Place
2018-10-26Vidhi ZalaEverything about Tattoos
2018-10-19Krunal JainPrinciples of Design
2018-10-12(None?)(Unofficial UDLS)
2018-10-05(Movie Night)Hunt for the Wilderpeople
2018-09-28Ned PetersOther Nuclear Disasters
2018-09-21Rushit “Rush” SanghrajkaLessons from the Labor Movement
2018-09-14Riddhish BhalodiaUnification of Japan: Sengoku Jidai
2018-09-07Sumanth Gudaparthi and Ian MallettAll about GradSAC (and all about UDLS)

Spring 2018

2018-04-27Ned PetersUnthinkable (Historical Context of Nuclear War)
2018-04-20(Various)(Slideshow Karaoke)
2018-04-13Pavol KlacanskyUseless Operating System
2018-04-06Claire ZhangReal Estate 101
2018-03-30Anand TripathiTime Travel in Fiction
2018-03-16Krunal JainCricket: More Than a Game
2018-03-09Mohammed MusaddiqPhysics/Logic/Reason across (certain) movies
2018-03-02Ian MallettLasers!!!
2018-02-23Srivatsan KumarSelf-published books and the editorial question
2018-02-16Michael MathenyThe Dying Banana
2018-02-09Siddhant RanadePretty Patterns
2018-02-02Chris BrooksHow big can numbers be?
2018-01-26Ned PetersThe South Seas Company: Making Enron Look Good
2018-01-19Riddhish BhalodiaGame Balancing

Fall 2017

2017-12-08Siddhant RanadeMathematics of the Rubik’s Cube
2017-12-01Ian MallettElizebeth Smith Friedman: The Mother Of Cryptanalysis Erased From History By The FBI
2017-11-17Annie CherkaevI Love Pie
2017-11-10Anand TripathiDissecting Malware
2017-11-03Will UsherDwarf Fortress
2017-10-27Hong XuFood, flavors, umami, and truffles.
2017-10-20Riddhish BhalodiaMiniature Painting 101
2017-10-05Ankit AgrawalFat Loss and Weight Loss
2017-09-29Ned PetersChernobyl: How the Soviet Union built a giant steampunk shotgun, loaded it with Uranium, and blasted it at the sky.
2017-09-15Will ByrdThoughts on giving a talk
2017-09-08Nipun GottapuFancy Pigeons
2017-09-01Ian MallettUDLS Intro and Folk Tales From the North

Spring 2017

2017-04-28Celeste HollenbeckVegan Desserts
2017-04-21Ian BriggsLockpicking
2017-04-14William HatchYo-Yos
2017-04-07Sierra AllredCamping in Utah
2017-03-31Will ByrdCamp Greentop Story Time
2017-03-24Michael MathenyBlue-Tongued Skinks
2017-03-10Dustin Webb and othersAcroyoga
2017-03-03Riddhish BhalodiaNorse Mythology
2017-02-24 Slideshow Karaoke
2017-02-17Will UsherSound Synthesis
2017-02-10Srivatsan KumarJallikattu: Enga veetu Maadu
2017-02-03Guru PragaashThe Trolley Problem
2017-01-27Celeste HollenbeckCognitive Load
2017-01-20Will ByrdNanotechnology

Fall 2016

2016-12-09Guru AnnasamymaniHindu Mythology
2016-12-02James NagelAnalysis of an Interstellar Communications Link)
2016-11-18Will UsherDwarf Fortress
2016-11-11Hari Subramanyam3D Xpoint Memory
2016-11-04Michael BallantyneDating (the radiometric kind)
2016-10-28Michael AdamsOrbital Mechanics
2016-10-21Riddish BhalodiaThe Banach-Tarski Paradox
2016-10-07Srivatsan KumarZipf’s Law
2016-09-30Michael BallantyneReusable Rockets
2016-09-23Ian MallettMeasuring Time
2016-09-16Chris BrooksTool assisted speedrunning
2016-09-09Josh KunzConspiracies
2016-09-02Will ByrdHistory of Writing

Spring 2016

2016-04-29Chris BrooksHigher Mathematics
2016-04-22Michael AdamsKerbal Space Program
2016-04-15Rohith PrasadKalaripayattu
2016-04-08John HolmanAltcoins
2016-04-01Will ByrdCRISPR
2016-03-25Sarah SpallFigure Skating
2016-03-11Lucas PaulSecurity vulnerabilities in pacemakers
2016-03-04Robert ChristensenFallacies in Baby and Toddler Logic, and How We Can Benefit
2016-02-26Josh“The importance of being prepared”
2016-02-12Scotty BauerExploit Development
2016-02-05Ian MallettAustempered Ductile Iron
2016-01-29Scotty BauerCold Fusion
2016-01-22Ian MallettRealities of Space (KSP)
2016-01-15Michael BallantyneTempleOS

Fall 2015

2015-12-11Celeste HollenbeckHow to throw a punch
2015-12-04Will ByrdThe art of teaching
2015-11-20Dawn SweeneyWalkability and Pedestrian Safety
2015-11-13Dylan Yokoyama and SiddarthaMagic: The Gathering and Android: Netrunner
2015-11-06Sarah SpallRock Climbing
2015-10-30Scotty BauerJury Nullification
2015-10-23Ian Mallett, Chris Brooks, Will Usher, Josh Kunz, Sarah Spall, and Celeste Hollenbeck.Slideshow Karaoke
2015-10-09Michael AdamsDancing the Charleston
2015-10-02Josh KunzTor: What is it Good For?
2015-09-25Dylan YokoyamaHow to Make a Game in Four Weeks
2015-09-18Chris BrooksSuper Smash Brothers as a Spectator Sport
2015-09-11Mark BaranowskiSpeaking Semi-Highly About Rust
2015-09-04Celeste HollenbeckHow to Give a UDLS Lecture / Demo: Now We’re Going to Talk About Some Awesome Horror Movies

Spring 2015

2015-05-01Scotty BauerNumbers Stations
2015-04-17Ian MallettLinguistics
2015-04-10Shishir BhargavYoga
2015-03-27Josh KunzInternet Protocols, Governance, and History
2015-03-13John HolmanInsane Clown Posse
2015-03-06manyLightning Research Talks
2015-02-27Ian MallettCeltic Music
2015-02-13Michael BallantyneSmalltalk and Lisp Machines
2015-02-06Scotty BauerStuxnet, Flame, Duqu and the future of cyber war
2015-01-30Lucas PaulThe Double-Slit Experiment
2015-01-23Christian SchreinerComputer Engineering for the Apollo Missions
2015-01-16Will ByrdRockets, the moon, space, and the Cold War

Fall 2014

2014-12-12Leif AndersenSonic the Hedgehog
2014-12-05Celeste HollenbeckCognitive Mechanisms of Art
2014-11-21James NigelGame Theory
2014-11-14Dawn SweeneyStealing History – A brief look at archaeological law and ethics
2014-11-07Will ByrdCuttlefish
2014-10-31Will UsherThe Psychology of Free to Play Games
2014-10-24Michael BallantyneLegal Justifications for NSA Surveillance
2014-10-10Scotty BauerHockey
2014-10-03Christian SchreinerStatistical Process Control
2014-09-19Adiyta DaveHadoop
2014-09-12Misc.Lightning Research Talks
2014-09-05James NagelMartial Arts

Spring 2014

2014-05-09Charlie JacobsenBackpacking
2014-04-25Leif AndersenMad Cow Disease and Cannibalism
2014-04-11Ethan Kerzner and Thibault DupontGenetically Modified Organisms
2014-04-04Will ByrdThe Rules and Strategy of Go
2014-03-28Michelle HromatkaThe Troubles in Northern Ireland
2014-03-21Scott BauerFinancial Derivatives
2014-03-07Yohann BearziEurope: a deja-vu
2014-02-28Graham PedersonViolence Over Time
2014-02-14Anshul JoshiExoskeletons
2014-02-07Ethan KerznerAn Inconvenient Banana
2014-01-31Michael BallantyneA History of NSA Hijinks
2014-01-24Chris EarlBitcoin
2014-01-17Leif AndersenVideo Game Development
2014-01-10Dustin WebbROS (Robotic Operating System)

Fall 2013

2013-12-13Yohann BearziLes Guignois de l’info (News Puppets)
2013-12-06Mukund RajSquash
2013-11-22Tony TuttleBicycle Commuting
2013-11-15Raghvendra Singh and Nitin YadavCard Tricks
2013-11-08Will ByrdStarcraft
2013-11-01Ben JonesMatt and Trey: My Heroes
2013-10-25Andy KeepHomebrew Beer
2013-10-11Bruce BolickThe serpent Prince: A Swedish Legend
2013-10-04Sean McKennaLightsabers
2013-09-27Leif AndersenLucid Dreaming
2013-09-20Chris MalloyLock Picking
2013-09-13Anshul JoshiArchery
2013-09-06Dustin WebbQuadrotors
2013-08-23Ben JonesThe Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center or What DropBox could be with a huge budget and no morals