Welcome! The Graduate Student Advisory Committee (GradSAC) is a graduate student organization run by students for students. In a nutshell, our purpose is to improve the graduate student experience in the Kahlert School of Computing at the University of Utah. If you want to leave the nutshell and see a more in-depth explanation of what we do, check out our constitution!

Contact Info

To reach out to the current members of GradSAC, email us at gradsac@cs.utah.edu, or post on the #gradsac channel of the Kahlert School of Computing Slack!

Current Officers

Fall 2023 — Fall 2024

PresidentJakob Johnson (email)Jakob
Vice PresidentSoham Bagchi (email)Soham
TreasurerShreyas SinghShreyas
New Student FacilitatorJarrett MintonJarrett
SecretaryChloe PronovostChloe
Communications CoordinatorRamansh SharmaRamansh
Social Event CoordinatorBenjamin MastripolitoBen

Past Officers

Fall 2022 — Fall 2023

PresidentJakob Johnson
Vice PresidentAhn Tran
SecretaryAlper Sahistan
New Student FacilitatorNoelle Brown
Communications CoordinatorPrikshit Tekta
Social Event CoordinatorBen Mastripolito

Fall 2021 — Fall 2022

PresidentNoelle Brown
Vice PresidentMahesh Lakshminarasimhan
TreasurerMadi Cooley
SecretaryShreyas Singh
New Student FacilitatorYo Mizutani
Communications CoordinatorDevin Lange
Social Event CoordinatorAhn Tran
Social Event CoordinatorDaniel Fang

Fall 2020 — Fall 2021

PresidentDevin Lange
Vice PresidentMahesh Lakshminarasimhan
TreasurerMadi Cooley
New Student FacilitatorFrost Mitchell
Communications CoordinatorAnh Tran
Social Event CoordinatorMartin Matak